Setting the Scene for a New RESOLUTE


Hello, and welcome to RESOLUTE‘s brand-new blog! We’ve created Behind the RESOLUTE Desk to give you a … well … behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation (and the creators!) of PLU’s flagship magazine.

It is not always pretty.

But this photo is!

(It’s also a little personal: That’s my goofy puppy on the bottom and a treasured birthday card featuring my hero, Mr. Rogers, up top — it has four buttons you can push for recorded affirmations from the supremely comforting cardigan man.)

Our debut edition of RESOLUTE comes out in June, and we’re already really excited about it. Step One was creating a story budget, which lists everything we want to include in the magazine. (Well, maybe that’s not quite true: It includes everything we want to include that will fit. The rest–and it’s a LOT–you’ll find online.)

Next we penciled in our “page map,” which shows the designers which stories go where. (Also maybe not 100% true: We used a pen — but we probably should try a pencil, since Lute news, as Lute news tends to do, pops up all the time.)

As early as January, we were working on assigning and writing the stories and features and, in the case of the cover story, arranging a slew of travel vaccinations for our managing editor, Barbara Clements.

We’ll absolutely update you as we go — and as we create great new features designed to make RESOLUTE more interactive, conversational and more yours.

Thanks very much for reading!

–Sandy Deneau Dunham, RESOLUTE editor


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