Making a Video—In 3,049 Easy Steps

You really don’t want to miss the amazing RESOLUTE video of the PLU team’s experience in Nicaragua (watch it here)—but it’s SO polished and pretty, you might think it came together in a snap. But in fact, it took longer to put together the video back at PLU than it did to dig the well in Nicaragua.

RESOLUTE managing editor Barbara Clements and PLU photographer John Froschauer spent hours and hours (days and days!) pulling out the most compelling pieces of the team’s awesome videos and photos; translating the villagers’ Spanish (with the help of PLU Visiting Lecturer of Hispanic Studies Perla Gamboa); consulting with video czar Dennis Minor; organizing the main storylines (see our giant white board, above, which almost wasn’t big enough); selecting music; and editing, flowing, captioning and re-editing.

Truly, it took a village to tell the story of the village. We’re proud of the whole team’s hard work and thrilled with the results.

And now we’ve got our white board back!

— Sandy


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