Houston, We Are GO!


Today is Launch Day. Today we introduce RESOLUTE to the world. Today makes me nervous.

Just like a precisely orchestrated NASA launch, we counted down and counted down and coordinated our big announcement—all over social media, on the PLU website and in tens of thousands of Lute email inboxes—for an 11 a.m. liftoff. And by 11:02 a.m., our new resolute@plu.edu email account had received three positive responses, two address-change requests, 52 automatic “out of office” replies and 131 spam messages. Technology is so glamorous.

Now (still like NASA!), we wait to hear your view from the other side of the launchpad. Please take some time to read, watch, listen to and enjoy RESOLUTE —and please let us know what you think. Try out the new RESOLUTE email (above), comment on the new website, give us a call or send us a letter. This is your magazine, after all.

Then, and only then, it’s mission accomplished—until the next edition.

— Sandy



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