The PLU students who traveled to Nicaragua this spring didn’t just build a well in a few days; they also built meaningful friendships that could last a lifetime—even without further contact. In this video, Andrea (Andi) Adams ’15 discusses the special bond she formed with a little girl in El Limonal. Read the full story, and watch more video, at the RESOLUTE website.


BONUS FEATURE: ‘Showtime!’

EDITOR’S NOTE: RESOLUTE staffers Barbara Clements and John Froschauer pored over more than 400 video clips from the PLU team’s Study Away experience in Nicaragua to create the spectacular main video on the RESOLUTE site. But there were SO many more stories to tell. In this one, PLU Assistant Professor Mark Mulder prepares the team on its first day in the village with a pep talk he used in a previous job as a reserve police officer.

Here’s the back story, from Mulder himself:

For five years, I was a commissioned police officer. I approached the position with a true heart of service (particularly since reserve officers choose to serve without pay), and one day when in a special DV (domestic violence) training session, a leader spoke about making sure you were in the right mindset when walking into a situation and suggested “showtime” as a way to mentally prepare.

I ultimately struggled a little with that approach, because no matter how I framed it, it still felt rooted in an “act.” So I focused more on the phrase. Given that I was there to serve and show love to others, I realized that it could work for me if I split the words apart. The show was the heart of service and caring that I could display, and the time was now. I shortened it in my mind to “show (my heart) time.” As a reserve police officer, I found this to be helpful framing as I entered situations that could be very much unknown as to what was happening or what skills I would need to utilize onsite.

The settings may be very different, but the root is similar for our students in El Limonal. There are times when you exit into the unknown and you don’t know what to expect. In many cases you may feel somewhat uncomfortable. The path to serving others is to be well-prepared, and to work through any unknowns and discomfort and just do it.

Our students didn’t know what to expect when the exited the van for their first day of service in the community. But, they were well-prepared, and more importantly, their hearts were ready to serve. Thus, it became “show (my heart) time.” And, were they ever ready… the students were incredible in carrying out their service and care for others once they exited the van for the first time.

Setting the Scene for a New RESOLUTE


Hello, and welcome to RESOLUTE‘s brand-new blog! We’ve created Behind the RESOLUTE Desk to give you a … well … behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation (and the creators!) of PLU’s flagship magazine.

It is not always pretty.

But this photo is!

(It’s also a little personal: That’s my goofy puppy on the bottom and a treasured birthday card featuring my hero, Mr. Rogers, up top — it has four buttons you can push for recorded affirmations from the supremely comforting cardigan man.)

Our debut edition of RESOLUTE comes out in June, and we’re already really excited about it. Step One was creating a story budget, which lists everything we want to include in the magazine. (Well, maybe that’s not quite true: It includes everything we want to include that will fit. The rest–and it’s a LOT–you’ll find online.)

Next we penciled in our “page map,” which shows the designers which stories go where. (Also maybe not 100% true: We used a pen — but we probably should try a pencil, since Lute news, as Lute news tends to do, pops up all the time.)

As early as January, we were working on assigning and writing the stories and features and, in the case of the cover story, arranging a slew of travel vaccinations for our managing editor, Barbara Clements.

We’ll absolutely update you as we go — and as we create great new features designed to make RESOLUTE more interactive, conversational and more yours.

Thanks very much for reading!

–Sandy Deneau Dunham, RESOLUTE editor